Cotton Yoga Strap,Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap, Yoga Stretch Strap with Adjustable Metal D-Ring for Stretching, Flexibility and Physical Therapy

When Novice play yoga movement ,yoga strap can help them to reach a standard action easily,when practicing the waist bending or leg stretching .Yoga strap can be use to lift the foot or reply on the strength of waist. Joefan yoga strap are most often used in Yoga exercise but they can also be used at home anytime you are doing stretches or want to improve your flexibility and also in a physical therapy session as well. Joefan straps help you maintain good posture and still get deep into the stretch whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi. Also yoga straps can help you with a variety of poses/stretches, such as hand to foot connection, hand to hand connection, forward bend, standing bend. As a general tip be sure to work through your own range of motion even when you are using a strap, never stretch to the point of pain even though a strap could help you stretch a little further than you could on your own just keep in mind that you should never go past 5-7 on a scale of 1-10 when you are stretching. Our Yoga Strap is made from cotton material that is 8 feet long and 1.5 inches wide with a wide metal D Ring allowing the other end to pass through and bind it together on certain poses or stretches. To ensure your product lasts longer be sure to take care of it, Hand-wash your strap using cold water or a mild detergent, do not machine wash. Allow the strap to air-dry and avoid placing in direct sunlight, do not use a Dryer. Application: Packing Opp bag and colorful box,luggage strap ,Exersuse strap and so on. Advantages: 1.It has great sticky power ,strap things together with a firmly secure hold. is versatile and available in multiple widths and lengths providig and ideal organizing tool,it can be adjustable. 3.this produts can be printed with your company logo and tel number or website.
Dimensions: 122 x 220 x 638
Color: Purple
Condition: New

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