Yoga Strap - Best For Stretching - 6 Colors - Instructional Video - Durable Cotton With Metal D-Ring (yellow)

Yoga Strap By FitLifestyleCo Yoga builds flexibility, strength and endurance. Yoga boosts your metabolism; increases bone density and joint flexibility and calms the mind. Some people stay away from trying yoga cause they think they are not flexible enough. That is where using your new awesome yoga strap comes handy, you can gain these benefits: Improved flexibility - loosen and stretch those tight leg, hip or back muscles Stretching will get easier, gradually you can build up flexibility by moving your arms further on the strap Better balance and form in yoga poses - holding posture will become easier, whether you are beginner, advanced or pro, men or women Increased strength and endurance - great for any fitness exercise or gym workout enthusiast Durable natural material - forget those flimsy cheap straps, this organic cotton strap is strong and sturdy. Metal D-ring/cinch is strong and secure Nice colors - blue, green, black, purple, red or yellow, everyone can choose their favorite cool color You will get our standard hassle free 30 days 100% Money back guarantee. Order Now and think about getting one for your very best friend. This offer is time limited
Dimensions: 155 x 250 x 465
Color: yellow
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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