Shineliu Yoga Swing Antigravity Yoga Hammock Aerial Yoga for Flying Yoga Inversion Exercises, Green

What is Aerial Yoga? Aerial (Flying) Yoga is a unique practice inspired by the study of movement. It has elements of fun, yoga, dance and circus! The aerial yoga hammock is similar to the material you find on the stages of circus and dance theaters around the world. The aerial yoga hammock is suspended from two points creating a "U" shape hammock for your body to rest in, lean on, and fly. The aerial yoga hammock is a tool that allows the practitioner to depend their postures, create a fuller range of motion, deepen awareness, and in many cases heal their body. Conditioning physiological balance: Yoga emphasizes that physical system is a system composed of several parts so that each part is in order to maintain a good healthy body. Elimination tensions: Through yoga breathing meditation and various asanas, you can entirely regulate the nervous system to eliminate the inner tensions. Spiritual cultivation: Yoga advocates a healthy attitude to life, which makes you naturally get rid of these bad habits of smoking and drinking. Special effects: Yoga has good effects on weight loss, anxiety disorder, insomnia and other symptoms of arthritis. Flying Yoga Specifications: Color: Green Material: Polyester Taffeta Size: 250cm x 150cm / 98inch x 60 inch Load Capacity: 180kg / 400lb Product weight: 1.3kg / 2.86 lb Package include: 1 x long yoga cloth 6 x foam handles 4 x Hooks 8 x Triple Retractable buckle
Dimensions: 550 x 700 x 980
Color: Green
Condition: New

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