Copper Compression Socks (3 Pairs), 15-20 mmhg is BEST Athletic & Medical for Men & Women, Running, Flight, Travel, Nurses - Boost Performance, Blood Circulation & Recovery (Small/Medium, Black)

Whether you¡¯re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply an active parent or grandparent, CopperJoint¡¯s copper-infused garments provide optimal articulation and muscle support to make you feel great ¨C no matter where, no matter when, and no matter what you¡¯re up to.  Whether you¡¯re chasing soccer balls, chasing your next PR, or chasing kids, try CopperJoint copper-infused compression socks and get back to being the active, pain-free person you were meant to be.  From the toughest athletes to the toughest data entry clerks with carpal tunnel, we make superior performance wear available to everyone in need of the toughest, and CopperJoint socks provide exactly that. Features of our unique technology: Longer durability  Aids with joint and muscle recovery  Offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, aches and pains  Enhances blood circulation, stimulates oxygen airflow to the muscles  It minimizes injury, offers optimal muscle support during casual everyday activities  Can be comfortably worn all day and night  with Copper Ions bound to the fibers level during manufacturing to help reduce odor  High Performance fabric keeps an optimal calf/foot temperature  Anti-Itch Wicking capabilities material  100% Latex Free Moderate Compression 15-20 mmHg with Arch & Plantar Support How to put them on: Reach in to the sock to grab the heel and turn the sock inside out. While seated, put your toes in the sock and pull the sock up to your heel. Holding the cuff, pull the sock up so that it sits just below the knee. If the sock is pulled too high, slide it down and re-adjust to for a proper fit.
Dimensions: 240 x 713 x 1106
Size: Small / Medium
Color: Black
Condition: New

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