5 Pairs Compression Socks Women & Men -Best Medical,Nursing,Travel & Flight Socks, Fitness & Running,Pregnancy Socks (Large/X-Large, black)

Compression socks Performance: Improved Blood Circulation, Recovery, and Performance. Stimulates blood flow and improves oxygen delivery to your muscles. Helps reduce injury and swelling - shin splints, pulled muscle, calf cramps, foot cramps, leg cramps, lactic acid production, plantar fasciitis, blisters, blood pooling, varicose veins, and Achilles and heel cup issues. Lightweight premium nylon and spandex materials provide the ideal fit with breathable material and cushioned toe and heel support features. Provides for full range of motion and joint flexibility. Keeps your feet dry and minimizes blisters. Pregnancy Maternity - Walking - Jogging - Running - Pilates - Soccer - Football - Basketball - Baseball - Ice Hockey - Field Hockey - Lacrosse - Cycling - Triathlons - Hiking - Skiing - Crossfit - Field Sports - Nursing - Medical - Doctor - Hospitality - Dress - Travel
Dimensions: 300 x 650 x 960
Size: Large/X-Large
Color: Black
Package quantity: 5
Condition: New

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