Susan Chung's RapidFire Kick, Box and Core Burn

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Overview: Rapid Fire: Kick, Box and Core Burn is a challenging workout that works all parts of the body through a weighted shadow boxing section, kickboxing section, and abdominal work with a core ball. This uses all the basic punches and kicks, and there is a heavy bag section for added work. Susan Chung demonstrates excellent form and keeps the cardio going throughout the workout. ©2010; 1 pound hand weights for shadow boxing, 4 to 6 pound core ball or dumbbell for core section, and optional heavy bag and boxing gloves for heavy bag section. Click for Further Review Details Details: Susan Chung leads the workout and has three background exercisers, one of whom stays low impact during all the moves. The warm up has a variety of punches (jab, cross, hook, upper cuts) combined with shuffles. Basic kicks (front kicks, sidekicks, roundhouse) are also put into basic combinations. Shadow Boxing: This has three sections and uses one pound weights or optional boxing gloves. A variety of basic punches (jab, cross, hook, upper cut) are combined in basic patterns for upper body definition with a cardio effect. Core is involved in rapid alternating punches that cross midline. Kickboxing: This workout has two sections and combines basic kicks including front kicks, back kicks, side kick, round house kicks, and knee smashes, all combined with arm punching combinations. Other moves that are used are blocks and back-fists. This section is tough and demanding when done full out. The kicks are combined in a non-stop manner and incorporate core and legs when moving through the combinations. Susan does a nice job offering hints for good form ("we are only kicking to a 45 degree angle", and "turn the body on that round kick"). Some of the combinations require practice and mental concentration, however with repetition they should be achieved. The two sections of kickboxing are all done on the right side and then done on the left side. Standing Core Ball Work: Susan uses a 6 poun
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